Sports & Activities

Sports & Activities

The great outdoors – and ensuring guests can enjoy it – is at the heart of the Trail-Inn’s philosophy. The 112 km of the Mullerthal long-distance hiking trail with its forest paths, rocky outcrops and rushing streams and rivers are right on the Trail-Inn’s doorstep, whilst mountain bike enthusiasts will appreciate the well-marked trails and the adrenalin rush of this very varied terrain. The Trail-Inn offers guests on two wheels a bike garage, complete with tools to retune and repair their rides.

Berdorf’s spectacular “Wanterbach” rock formations are ideal for experienced climbers (a permit is needed to climb in the area: consult for more information). The lake at nearby Echternach (8 km from the Trail-Inn) offers a multitude of fun activities, from fishing, pedalos and mini-golf, to a rollerblading track and trampolines. Canoeing and kayaking trips on the Sûre river are also available.

Lunch Box

During a long sportive day in the forrest or on the river, one needs to refill engird reserves constantly.

This is why we offer a lunch box to our guest that they can take with them in the morning and enjoy throughout the day.

The lunch box includes:

  • one bottle of water 0.5L
  • two sandwiches
  • one fruit
  • one hard boiled egg
  • one cereal bar

8€ per box

Please order at the reception the night before

Rent a Mountain Bike

At the Trail-Inn, you can also rent a Mountain Bike for a day or more for only 25 Euro per bike and per day as well as a ebike for only 35 Euro per bike and per day!

Group Activity Offers

The Trail-Inn is the perfect place for your family or friends getaway or team building and clients event.

We offer plenty of packages for groups over ten persons with guided tours and activities.

If you have only one day or a long week-end: Your fellows will love it!

Check out the packages on the promotions page!