Surrounded by enchanting forests and lulled by the songs of nature, Echternach is a renowned region for hiking and delightful sightseeing. You are at the core of this unparalleled beauty, where the hotel’s warm embrace beckons guests to ease into their visit and create memorable moments.

Without exception, every room at Hotel Au Vieux Moulin is designed to provide supreme comfort with a touch of finesse. The hotel offers a variety of delectable accommodations tailored to meet every need and style. With the most welcoming staff in the industry, Au Vieux Moulin is committed to ensuring your stay is as wonderful as it can be.

Your culinary journey is just steps away at the hotel’s restaurant, known as Hotel-Restaurant Au Vieux Moulin. Here, you can indulge in outstanding local and traditional dishes alongside the best of international cuisine. Authentic, fresh ingredients, sourced from local growers, combine to create memorable dining experiences.

Have an upcoming event? At Hotel Au Vieux Moulin, our well-equipped, professional meeting spaces adapt to your needs—from large corporate meetings to intimate family gatherings. Each space is designed with extraordinary events in mind. Whether you’re scheduling a meeting or hosting an illustrious event, we guarantee it will be a convenient and memorable success.

Escape to the comfort of Hotel Au Vieux Moulin, explore the enchantment of Echternach and Mullerthal, or simply enjoy the luxury within. This hotel transforms a day’s stay into a place where lifelong memories are born, and every visit feels like a warm welcome.