The Mullerthal

The Mullerthal is one of Luxembourg's most beautiful regions and is considered by many to be the country's "Little Switzerland". Pathways run through forests and meadows and cross impressive gorges and curious rock formations that will take your breath away. The Mullerthal Trail has also been awarded the "Leading Quality Trails - Best of Europe" label. This page is dedicated to this beautiful area and showcases some of its most amazing aspects, so that you can fully enjoy all of its highlights. If you want to know more about this awe-inspiring region, click on the logo:

Find the hiking trails near Au Vieux Moulin.

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The Kallektuffquell is a travertine source along one of the Mullerthal trails. It is surrounded by light beech forests along the Black Ernz and its water is crystal clear and energizing for body and soul.

Following Route 3 of the trail, coming from Blumenthal, you will be led through the Marscherwald, which has a quaint wooden bridge that leads directly to this source. It is in very close proximity to the Schiessentümpel, which is the next impressive destination on this list.

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Schiessentümpel Waterfall

A national treasure, the Schiessentümpel is on a small waterfall located by the Black Ernz river. The waterfall is surrounded by a stone bridge and hard-to-forget rock formations.

Combined, these elements create a unique natural picture, a sort of nature-made art installation which contributes to the atmosphere that crowns the Mullerthal Region.

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Schiessentuempel in Mullerthal

Hohllay Caves

The rock formation known as Hohllay is, like the name may imply, a hollowed out formation made by man's interaction with the environment.

During olden times, the Romans used these materials to build rock houses and tools, and in the Middle Ages, the nearby mills of the Oeren Monastery, in Trier, had the obligation of using stones strictly extracted from Hohllay.

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Hohllay Cave near Berdorf

Wolfsschlucht (Wolf's Canyon)

As tall as 50m, these unbelievable sandstone formations rise up to the sky and weave themselves between the trees to create monumental pathways through the Mullerthal trails.

This gigantic canyon is also home to many legends, including the presence of a hidden treasure which can be made real through the offer of a rosary by a child.

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Wolfsschlucht in Mullerthal

Echternach Basilica

Among the most impressive sites in the Echternach region, the Basilica is home to a variety of hidden treasures, from 11th century frescoes to a marble sarcophagus hosting the remains of Saint Willibrord.

With a design dating back to the 11th and 13th centuries, the Basilica suffered great damages during the Battle of the Bulge, which led into it being rebuilt in Romanesque Revival style.

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Basilique d'Echternach

Museum below Basilica

Located in the cellars of the Echternach Basilica, this museum is dedicated to the Echternach scriptorium, which was hailed as the most important one in all of Europe during the Middle Ages.

Visitors are invited to enjoy audio-guided visits among religious literary art, decorative paintings, and much more of what makes the rich history of this region.

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Museum below Echternach Basilica

Hopping Procession

Part of UNESCO's Cultural Heritage, this religious tradition is rooted in long-forgotten history. Dating back to over 1000 years ago, it is the only hopping procession in Europe.

On the Tuesday after Whitsunday, the internationally renowned procession is linked to the legend of Saint Willibrord and his break of the dancing curse at the gallows of Echternach.

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Hopping Procession

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