At the time when we decide to expand our establishment, it was obvious for us that it was necessary to build ecologically in order to preserve nature.

Our new building with 6 bedrooms and breakfast room is built with a wood frame with:

  • Maximum Insulation

  • Double glazed windows with control of energy loss

  • When door locks at the same time the lights and the electrical appliance turn off

  • Spring Water

  • Pellet heating

  • Solar panels

  • Biological septic tank

  • Retaining tank of rainwater

  • New indigenous plantations

  • We encourage the fresh and regional products as well as fair-trade products: Homemade Jams, Organic Honey Organic Cereals

  • Seasonal vegetables and fruits

  • Luxembourgish Meat partially bio

  • "Green" Soaps and cleaning products

  • Recyclable Paper

  • Energy-saving lamps

  • and we sort our wastes

And, of course, we encourage journeys by bike, bus and train.

Book your bus or train here. 

Additional information about the EcoLabel





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